Faith, Sports and Politics..

Three words that are “scary” to talk about in the workplace or community.. but do they have to be?

As mentioned in my very first post, we live in a time where men are no longer men. Men can not talk about their faith anymore (or lack thereof) without getting blasted by someone on the opposite site. You can’t talk about sports anymore without someone looking to take you down for the player(s) or team(s) you support. And you CERTAINLY can’t talk about Politics!!

My name is Jordan Kelley. I believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I believe that only through Him will we have eternal life and we must follow His plan of salvation in order to obtain such a gift. I do believe that one can fall from grace, but by the grace of God and a repentant heart, one can come back and still be found faithful to God.

I believe that the Dallas Cowboys are God’s team and that if you don’t support the Cowboys then you just hate football. I believe that the Texas Rangers are still the best team in baseball, even though the Cardinals stole it from us in 2011. I also believe that basketball and soccer are the worst sports on the planet, with soccer being the worst of all.

I believe we have a pretty good President in Donald Trump, and he was the better choice in 2016 given our options.

But above all this, I believe that we can still be friends and have an open, honest discussion about Faith, Sports, and Politics.

Will you join me in grabbing a cup of coffee and examine these three topics together? Will you join the fight to become better men, fathers, brothers and disciples? Will you open your heart, soul and mind before making a decision on a matter?

I pledge to do this very thing, and I welcome you in our journey together. After all, this is only According To A Man..