Heaven Ain’t Made of Quitters!


Let me start by saying, it is good to be posting again! I have been down with the stomach bug and it was not pretty.. in fact, my whole family got it! 2 kids under 3, a pregnant wife and their dad all getting sick? Yeah, es no bueno! But we bounced back and are recovering nicely!

While I was sick, I was meditating on a passage that I reread this week — John 4. Specifically about Jesus talking to the woman at the well. What I would like to do today is reflect on this encounter and learn how that applies in today’s world.

If you remember John 4, Christ and his disciples were heading back to Galilee after hearing that the Pharisees were getting a little upset at their teaching in Judea. As they were passing through Samaria, Christ sent his disciples into the city of Sychar to get some food. He decided to stay behind and saw a woman at “Jacob’s Well”. Upon seeing the woman, he asked her for a drink of water.

Now, notice why this is already important to the encounter — Jews don’t speak to women alone in public, much less a Samaritan woman! That is like talking to a Yankee fan!… but I digress..

The woman then turns and asks Jesus why he is wanting a drink from her and why he is even talking to her to begin with. Christ from this point on starts preaching to the Samaritan woman and starts right where she is. Notice how he first talks about the everlasting water that he can give and those that drink will never be thirsty again! How great of an entry into the Gospel!

He then addresses the real reason why he is there.. he asks for her husband to come meet her. The problem is that she is living in an adulteress relationship, and she recognizes this by saying in verse 17 “I have no husband.” Christ then replies “You have answered rightly, for you have had five husbands and the one whom you now have is not your husband.”

So, what is the point in all of this, and what does this have anything to do with the title of the blog?!

Guys, Christ was tired. He was worn out, thirsty and hungry. He could have easily looked the other way when he came to the Samaritan woman.. after all, that was customary for that time! He could have chosen not to preach the Gospel.. AND when his disciples came back, he could have chosen not to teach THEM as well!

But that is not what he did.

He chose to preach. He chose to teach. He chose to win souls that day.

Brethren, I think we like to quit. We like to say “We have had a hard day! I DESERVE some me-time!” I hear ya! I have thought those same thoughts, unfortunately. And to be completely honest, I don’t think you are human if you never had those thoughts, nor are they entirely bad thoughts! The problem is when we start to put ourself and our wants/wishes over other’s souls.

I travel for my job from time to time, and there are many occasions when I have the privilege of making a day trip from D/FW to Houston. I like those day trips because if I do it right, I can still see my kids before they go to bed and I get to sleep in my own bed! But MAN does it take a beating on your body! Just that hour flight, in order to make the 9AM meeting, you have to take the red-eye to Houston, slap yourself around, chug some coffee, focus in that all day meeting, rush to the airport, hope that the TSA Pre-check line is moving, and then hope there is overhead space for your 4PM flight back to Dallas as the entire plane is made of up Executive Platinum members (Consultants and business travelers.. you catch my drift)!

Then, once you land at D/FW, it is 5:30. What do you do if it is 5:30 on a Wednesday night? Do you take your time and mosey on home? Or do you rush out the door and grab an Uber and head off to services, knowing that depending on traffic you may not get to eat dinner until after class?

I think our tendency is to do the former and take the easy way out. That is why Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the word in season and out of season!” Brethren, it is totally out of season when you are not feeling the greatest. You have been going all day, and chose not to eat during your “working lunch”, because when you are the presenter, a working lunch really means you are working while the others are having lunch.

Guys, Heaven ain’t got no room for quitters! Our Lord wants our all! Do you not think Christ was tired when he met the Samaritan woman? Or how about in the Garden? Do you think he wasn’t tired when the soldiers came to arrest him? Or how about on the cross?

Our Lord never took time off and quit teaching and neither should us! Think on these things.


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