Taking The Next Step

What a wonderful time of the year! The end of a school year, the start of summer, and for many men and women in America, GRADUATION!!

My family and I are currently on vacation visiting my family and watched my youngest two siblings graduate high school last Friday night. You probably attended some sort of high school or college graduation ceremony, or at a minimum have seen on Facebook of someone you know that has graduated. 

What an honor!! Finally, after all those long nights, hard work and dreadful exams, you finally get to walk across that stage, receive your diploma and have your friends and loved ones cheer you on from the stands! Such an awesome feeling!

One thing that is usually mentioned in these ceremonies is something to the idea of “we are taking the next step..” For high schoolers, they are either going to college, the work force or the military, so yes, this is truly a next step in their life! But that got me thinking… have I taken the next step in my walk as a Christian?

Everyone is at different stages in life; likewise, we are at different stages in our walk with the Lord. Paul mentions this in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. The brethren in Corinth were divided and Paul calls them out saying that by now they should be scholars of the scriptures, but instead they are still acting like infants needing milk and not solid food.

There is nothing wrong with being a babe in Christ! Everyone that has been saved entered that stage at some time in their life. However, have we been just staying in that state? Have we been active in taking that next step in life and growing in our faith and knowledge of the truth? A few posts ago, I talked about being consistent as a Christian. While in that post I mentioned that I needed to be consistent with my daily readings and blog posts for various reasons, some are VERY consistent in their life by not wanting to advance in their knowledge of the Scriptures!

My question to you is why?.. why do we have the mentality that we can do the bare minimum and still enter Heaven?! Do we do this with our jobs, or school, or our wife and kids?! I hope not! If you do you will quickly be fired, or flunk out of school, or not be the Father and Husband that God called you to be!

So this week I challenge you to think about your life. Conduct a true self audit of your life and see where you are in your walk with the Lord. I hope and pray that you find yourself growing and advancing in your knowledge and faith! But if you are not, let this be a warning to you but also an encouragement from me saying “Get up!! Grab your Bibles and start taking that next step!”

Yes, sometimes that next step is hard and scary. But we are required and commanded to take that next step! And the beauty is we are not alone! I am right there beside you. Your brethren are there for you. Your family is there for you. Lean in them. Learn from them, and grow as a Christian!

Take that next step, and my hand is stretched out if you need it.

God bless!


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