Pancakes and Syrup

I love “big family breakfasts”! I remember growing up and having my Dad cook us a great big breakfast on Saturdays. It would consist of things like sausage, pancakes, eggs, and sometimes my all time favorite breakfast item – hashbrowns!

For my Dad, it started with his grandparents in a little town in Oklahoma. Since then, we have carried the tradition to my family and try to have a “big family breakfast” as much as possible.

We even had it for dinner tonight!! And it was GLORIOUS!

So, why the information on breakfast? You trying to get us hungry or what?

I want you to think for a moment and reflect on the last time you had a “big family… moment”. What was it? What happened? What did you do? Where did you go?

Men, we only get to live once in this life. We only get our children and our family for a short while on this earth. What we make of it is up to us. How we use our time is up to us.

My oldest daughter, Katherine, LOVES big family breakfasts! You know why? Because my wife and I made them special. Is there anything special about some pancakes and eggs? No, not at all! So what makes them so special to her? Because it is family time. 

Family time… do you have family time? Do you go to the park and have picnics with your family? Do you go on random hikes or car trips and make memories? Do you get home and say “everyone in the car!! I have a surprise!” And take everyone to their favorite ice cream shop? Or how about a nice country ride to see a lunar eclipse at midnight?

You know what makes these family times so special? Not how much money you threw down at a certain event, nor necessarily how “cool” and “hip” the place was you visited! Instead, they are special because YOU made them special.

You gave them the memories. You made them laugh. You made their day when your daughters boyfriend broke up with her. You protected your family when your car got high centered on top of a cliff. You were there cleaning up the crud your kids threw up in a hoodie in the back of the suburban. You were there allowing your kids to help mix the pancake batter for dinner.

You. You are what make family moments so special! So I ask you again, when is the last time you had a “big family breakfast”?

While you think about it, can you pass the pancakes and syrup, please?


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